Every time an artist is not allowed to showcase their work to the world, is not given a platform, art is murdered at the hands of commercialism.

Compared to any creative art form, film industry has  experienced deepest penetration of commercialism at its core. This was possible by easily controlling the medium through which a piece of art reaches the audience. In such aristocracy, an independent piece of art can unfortunately find no way to reach the masses.

Imagine the helpless situation when you will not be allowed to speak as others do. So as not to loose their words, an artist releases his work in non-conventional mediums and rapidly it gets devalued – in terms of reach, credibility, ability to inspire more such work.

THIS IS THE ANSWER. This is the rebellion. Rightfully, every artist should be given equal opportunity to put up their films on screen.We scream, we shout, we promote and we protest for ‘One Day of Independent Art’.

That one day, there will be no discrimination on what should be presented and what should not.

The audience would be the judge of a work, as it is supposed to be.